Rule Book

1. Participation in any CNE category, except for “Hobby”, requires a license from the Romanian Cycling Federation or UCI. Please find the licensing process here:

2. Participation in the “Hobby” category requires proof of injury insurance valid throughout the duration of the event and a doctor certification that the participant can practice sports.

3.  The 2020 CNE categories are:

  1. Women:
  2. 15-18 years old, places 1,2,3
  3. 19+ years old, places 1,2,3
  4. Men:
  5. 15-18 years old, places 1,2,3
  6. 19-29 years old, places 1,2,3
  7. 30-39 years old, places 1,2,3
  8. 40+ years old, places 1,2,3
  9. HOBBY:
  10. Women places 1,2,3
  11. Men places 1,2,3


Registering requires an account on For registering for the CNE categories please use your UCI ID or National Fed. ID, as the case may be. Choose your race and then use your card to pay.  

5. POINTS are awarded per race according to the ranking in the categories, as follows:

Place 1 – 200 points.

Place 2 – 160 points.

Place 3 – 140 points.

Place 4 – 125 points.

Place 5 – 110 points.

Place 6 – 95 points.

Place 7 – 90 points.

Place 8 – 85 points.

Place 9 – 80 points.

Place 10 – 75 points.

Place 11 – 70 points.

Place 12 – 69 points.

Place 13 – 68 points

Place 14 – 67 points.

Place 15 – 66 points.

Place 16 – 65 points.

Place 17 – 64 points.

Place 18 – 63 points.

Place 19 – 62 points.

Place 20 – 61 points.

Place 21 – 60 points.

Place 22 – 59 points.

Place 23 – 58 points.

Place 24 – 57 points.

Place 25 – 56 points.

Place 26 – 55 points.

Place 27 – 54 points.

Place 28 – 53 points.

Place 29 – 52 points.

Place 30 – 51 points.

Place 31 – 50 points.

Place 32 – 49 points.

Place 33 – 48 points.

Place 34 – 47 points.

Place 35 – 46 points.

Place 36 – 45 points.

Place 37 – 44 points.

Place 38 – 43 points.

Place 39 – 42 points.

Place 40 – 41 points.

Place 41 – 40 points.

Place 42 – 39 points.

Place 43 – 38 points.

Place 44 – 37 points.

Place 45 – 36 points.

Place 46 – 35 points.

Place 47 – 34 points.

Place 48 – 33 points.

Place 49 – 32 points.

Place 50 – 31 points.

Place 51 – 30 points.

Place 52 – 29 points.

Place 53 – 28 points.

Place 54 – 27 points.

Place 55 – 26 points.

Place 56 – 25 points.

Place 57 – 24 points.

Place 58 – 23 points.

Place 59 – 22 points.

Place 60 – 21 points.

Place 61 – 20 points.

Place 62 – 19 points.

Place 63 – 18 points.

Place 64 – 17 points.

Place 65 – 16 points.

Place 66 – 15 points.

Place 67 – 14 points.

Place 68 – 13 points.

Place 69 – 12 points.

Place 70 – 11 points.

Place 71 – 10 points.

Place 72 – 9 points.

Place 73 – 8 points.

Place 74 – 7 points.

Place 75 – 6 points.

Place 76 – 5 points.

Place 77 – 4 points.

Place 78 – 3 points.

Place 79 – 2 points.

Place 80 – 1 point.

For the Power stage, the last special stage of the race, the first 10 places get extra points 10, as follows:

Place 1 – 40 points.

Place 2 – 35 points.

Place 3 – 31 points.

Place 4 – 28 points.

Place 5 – 26 points.

Place 6 – 24 points.

Place 7 – 23 points.

Place 8 – 22 points.

Place 9 – 21 points.

Place 10 – 20 points.

The points earned by the teams per race are calculated by adding the number of points obtained by the members of the teams for the first 4 places from each category. The points obtained in the Power stage are not added.

The participants who change teams during the 2020 season cannot add points for the team in CNE 2020.


Specific race rules for CNE


1.1 Start

The general start of the race is done in groups of 4 or 5 riders, at an interval set by the organizers. Each rider receives a personalized schedule s/he should respect in order to be able to start the special stages.

The start in special stages is individual and will take place at intervals between 30 and 60 seconds, depending on the number of riders. The order of the groups of 5 riders can be changed. The riders must be ready to start at the indicated times on their schedules or at the times indicated by the race commissaire.

The organizers are obligated to give to the participants the personalized schedule of the race.

The participants must check for possible errors in the schedule.

1.2 Transfers / Liaisons

The transfers between the special stages are not timed. However, there is a time limit within which the participants should complete the transfer. The participants with considerable delays for the special stages will be automatically penalized or disqualified, according to regulations.

If a participant completes a transfer (not timed) of a special stage before the imposed time, s/he will have to wait behind the start line until the moment indicated in his/her schedule. On the other hand, the participants who arrive with delays will start the special stage with priority if the commissar approves. They will be penalized according to their delay.

Participants will be disqualified if they do not respect the route, even with transfers.

The designated time for transfers is proposed by the organizer and agreed upon by the stage commissar. The commissar can make changes.

1.3 Timing

Timing for the special stages is done by the “gates” system. Each participant will receive a chip and is obligated to use it according the indications of the organizer. At each start/finish of the special stages there is an official who is obligated to give the start, stop where the case may be and observe and help if necessary. The start/finish points are marked by using yellow plates marked accordingly.

1.4 The race will have at least 4 special stages or minimum a total of 7 km of special stages.


2. Course recognition / Training

Course recognition and training is allowed with at least 24 hours before the race. Neither Course  recognition nor practice runs are permitted during the race. In this latter case, participants will be disqualified.

During Official Training times, riders must only access a Special Stage from the Stage start and are NOT permitted to push up or create congestion on a Special Stage during Official Training. Any rider found to be accessing a stage by pushing or riding upwards against the direction of travel will be penalized. ‘Sectioning’ of a Special Stage is allowed unless otherwise stated.



The participant must respect the rules of the event and traffic rules, especially on the transfer segments, where traffic is not stopped.

For the course of the special stages, traffic is non-existent.

During the special stages, participants must show fair play and allow faster riders to pass them.

Each participant  must be independent during the race (food, water), including repairing and/or replacing certain parts of their bicycle (e.g. fixing a flat tire). Complex repairs will be done in the service area.

Taking short cuts on course in order to gain an advantage can both damage the environment and brings the sport and spirit of enduro mountain biking racing into disrepute. Therefore, any rider trying to save time by choosing a line that lies outside of the defined trail will be disqualified.

The Commissar or Race Director may choose, in exceptional circumstances, to apply a time penalty instead of a DSQ to a rider found to have cut the course without intention. However, any rider leaving the obvious line must be aware that they risk a DSQ.

Alternative routes are not permitted and controls will be made.


It is forbidden to replace the frame during the race. The participants who replace the frame or the entire bicycle may participate in the race but they are disqualified from the general ranking.

The bicycle must be in perfect working state. Participants who do not meet this requirement will be excluded from the race.

The helmet is compulsory for the special stages, during which a full-face helmet, approved by the EC is recommended, as well as gloves, knee and spine protection. The participants who do not wear a helmet for the special stages will be disqualified. 2 types of helmets are allowed: fall-face and XC version (cycling or moto).

Each participant must race according to his/her technical skills and physical shape.

It is recommended that each participant have a mobile phone in order for the organizers to be able to reach him/her or vice-versa. During the information session, the organizers will make public the telephone number where they can be reached in case of emergency.

This number will also be included in the schedule of each contestant. Also, the number for emergencies can be used: 112.

The organizers recommend the use of glasses, knee protection, elbow protection, gloves and backpack, which should contain: a rain cloak, a kit to fix flat tires, a tool set, a map of the routes, water and food.

E-bikes are not permitted.


The CNE trails comprises areas which put the spotlight on the technical aspects of the mountain bike and narrow and exposed areas, rocks, jumps, water-crosses, steep ups and downs. Generally, these types of routes are not suited for beginners or cyclists who are not trained.

The routs must comprise at least 4 special stages or minimum a total of 7 km of special stages.

The Course  will be marked with specific signs and directions tape. Deviation from the Course  (even unintentional) will lead to disqualifying. From economical and technical reasons, the routes cannot be marked for the entire lanes.

In case a participant deviates from the Course  accidentally and tears the tape, s/he has the obligation to re-enter the competition immediately and to reposition the tape at its initial position. The participants who do not obey this rule will be disqualified.

In case a participant deviates from the Course intentionally, with the purpose of short cutting the route, is disqualified and is denied the right to participate in other stages of the CNE 2020.

The participants are not permitted to modify the Course before or after the events. The organizers reserve the right to make modifications without prior notice, in case of emergencies such as: meteorological conditions, rider safety during the race.

The organizers will ensure the presence of an “opener” and a “closer” in order to ensure the safety of the Course and of the contestants.

Maps with the course and areas will be made public with maximum a week prior to a certain stage, on the Trailforks platform.


The dissemination of information will be made mainly on-line: on Facebook and on the site 30 minute before the start, the organizers may organize a short information session.


In case of an accident, the participants have the responsibility to help the wounded or the ones in an emergency situation. If possible, they must immediately inform the first medical point or the organizers.

The organizers reserve the right to penalize or disqualify the participants which do not respect this rule.

The participants who retire from the race must inform the Course commissaries.

The participants who retire from the race or who have exceeded the maximum time limit must go to the start area as soon as possible and must follow the instructions of the organizers. In case of an emergency, the special stages may be suspended in order to facilitate the access of the organizers. In this case, the participants will not be timed. Also, the Course may be deviated, in which case the organizers will direct the participants to the following special stage.

The service and assistance area is at the start/finish line. Each team/participant is responsible for its/his/her own repairs.


The final ranking will include the sum of the times of each special stage at each category. The lowest time is the winner.


Awards will be given to the first three participants of each category, as follows*:



    15-18 years old, places 1,2,3

    19+ years old, places 1,2,3


    15-18 years old, places 1,2,3

    19-29 years old, places 1,2,3

    30-39 years old, places 1,2,3

    40+ years old, places 1,2,3


   Women, places 1,2,3

   Men, places 1,2,3


Women – the fastest contestants, places 1,2,3

Men – the fastest contestants, places 1,2,3


  • * In case there are less than 5 participants for a category, it is assimilated to the next category.

10. PENALTIES for delays at transfers:

Delay at start PS x                                   2020

Between 1 and 5 minutes                                30 seconds

Between 5 and 10 minutes                              1 minute

Over 30 minutes                                             5 minute

Over 60 minutes                                             DISQUALIFIED 

Organizers reserve the right to modify the present regulations.

No changes will be made 48 hours prior to the start of the race. The regulations may be modified throughout the season.