The registration fee for CNE’s 3 events and for the Semenic Natioanal Championship/EWSQ is 100 lei per race.

  • For participants under 18 years of age the fee is 50 lei!
  • The maximum number of participants is 150!
  • The registration period ends Thursday ( 16.07 ) at 20:00!
  • On the spot registration is not possible !
  • The fee cannot be paid by bank transfer !

Please note that while EWS memberships are not mandatory for racers at EWS Qualifier and continental series events –  only riders with a membership will be eligible to collect EWS Global Ranking points.   The EWS Global Rankings determine :

-qualification for the 2021 Reserved Entry list,

-eligibility for riders registered in a EWS100 race to upgrade to the EWS,

-selections for the Nations team at the Trophy of Nations.

Also note that EWS points are not awarded retroactively if a rider purchased a membership following the race . So in order to be eligible to collect points at the Semenic Enduro race, racers would need to purchase an EWS membership before end of day July 17: ( User Navigation > My Membership)

The maximum number of participants has been reached!

Register for CN/EWSQ – Semenic Enduro:

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  • In some cases the firewall may block the application execution (for example if you use a PC from work) —> Solution: use a personal computer or personal mobile.
  • The registration application does not work —> Solution: clear the browser cache.